Back to CAMP

Wow. I forgot what it is like to disconnect with the internet, phone, traffic, and the noises for a week. It was nice to come back to Deaf camp and support one of my favorite person who just became a director for the first time. Things were rough at a time, but it is all worth it for the kids. I also like to work with deaf campers and see how I can accommodate them as well. I love waking up to see nature right in front of me. Which reminds me, that I need to make a bucket of trips that I wanted to go regarding with nature.

I joined with my best friend to camp and stayed for one week. I got to meet all the old faces and new faces. I worked with an awesome co-counselor and she thinks I am her laughing medicine every day. Sometimes, I wondered why but at the same time, I do find myself funny. Either that or I was being such a scaredy-cat about bugs that have wings everywhere during night time. There were so many moments that campers laughed at me when I shrieked or scooted away from gnats or moth as I’m trying to get them ready for bed. Yes, I know I made a fool out of myself and not showing a role model when I should be. Sometimes it is okay to show that I’m not always tough or firm about anything. It’s one of my true side of me they just got a glimpse most of the time during the week.

My co-counselor and I had a large group of girls and it was somewhat tolerable. I do feel like we could make it work if a situation weren’t in the same place. Our cabin where we stayed in is like down where the volunteers cabin at. I hiked up and down with sweat. A lot of raspy breathing hard after reaching to where we should be at. One of the reasons for coming to camp is to get back on sweat mode cause I know I lack in that area. It was a good exercise, I mean I was up running up and down trying to get us on time, and making sure that we’re safe in one unit.

Another thing about the camp itself is the food. The food is somewhat good and breakfast is like my favorite part of the day. If you know me well enough, I’m always down for some brekkie place to try. The kids that I’m with aren’t that huge fan of breakfast but I know one of them does. Relatable.

One of my favorite moments is seeing one or two campers asking to read El Deafo book. This is the reason why I bought the book, not for myself but for those campers who came for the first time. Campers that shy and don’t really know how to socialize with their peers especially during night time. The book gave them something to do and be more comfortable away from parents/home.

Another one where I looked back at the moment, I laughed at myself. One of those nights, we came back from dinner to the cabin. We were all getting ready for bed. Moths and bugs alike were attracted to the light post that was hunged up in front of our doors and some of them got into the cabin. So, some of them got into my side of the cabin (we have a cabin that comes with two doors; my partner got 6 campers on her side of the cabin while I have 5 campers on the other side of the cabin). My campers were screaming, but not like bloody screaming kinds. It’s more of like “AHH! bugs! Close the door! Eek! There’s one on my bed!” That kind of thing. As a counselor, I wouldn’t want any bugs into the cabin but like, really? I know I’m the same as they feel but like we sleep in a wilderness area.

Anyways, as we were getting ready for bed, and me trying to get most of the bugs out of the door. One of the campers were ready and she sleeps on the top bunk. I was walking past by her bunk toward the bathroom. (Deaf tendency), she jumped onto the bed and the strip light cover on the ceiling came off hanging on top of me.

I caught myself guarding my head, thinking it might fall on me. But it didn’t. It was hanging on one side, BARELY. My quick thinking was to ask the camper to bring the chair to me and I stepped up on the chair trying to fix it. Of course, the bugs were there and the campers trying to help me and trying to swat the bugs away. I asked one of them to go get my partner because I was holding the cover on one side on the other end but I couldn’t get all secured. So my partner came right away and helped me out. After fixing the cover, we finally got it secured. I looked at her and looked down, she stood on each side of the bunk beds to help me out while I’m standing on a chair. In the back of my head, I’m like “I coulda do that”. My partner looked at me like how? then looked at me with the chair, and just laughed at me hard. My campers noticed that and giggled. I’m like hey, my guts were to get the chair.

At least, those moments campers can take home with them and share with their family and they did have fun at the camp. I would come back and do the same thing over again. I just need to build a little more resistance on those gnats. At least I didn’t get mosquito bites this year!


A Typical Day Of Glimpse With Haya

Alarm sets. 9:35am

A Sunny sound playing somewhat moderate loud underneath my pillow, beckoning me out from a world of sleep. Thinking to myself grumpily, “Hmmm, 5 more minutes.” I turn on my left side and open my right eye to find my phone to snooze for 5 minutes. I decide to stop the alarm and force myself to wake up. I stay in bed for a few minutes, ‘resting my eyes’. I raised my head to see if my roommate still sleeping or not. She sleeps with an angel look on her face (as creepily it looks, she does!). My head rests on the pillow while I’m checking my emails and texts. I flip over my blanket to the right side to sit up. Put in my home slippers on and went to the bathroom. Did the bathroom routine.

I open the door quietly even though my roommate is Deaf. The sun is up and lights up in the room. I look around the living room and dining table. I walk to the kitchen and start the coffee machine in the morning. Of course, I find myself looking in the sink to see anyone clean up the dishes or not. There still dishes in both sinks. I start the coffee machine first and press start. I put the gloves on and start washing my roommate’s dishes. I just don’t like seeing any dishes in the sink, especially in mornings. If it were just cups, I wouldn’t wash it since it’s minimal. And it been there a couple of days or a night before. I prefer a clean kitchen with a clean sink every morning when I will get up to see and set the coffee machine. I even remind my roommates about cleanliness in the kitchen. The most part in the kitchen is about the dishes in the sink. We have a dishwasher for a reason if they don’t want to wash it. I was thinking all those things that I told them in texts and in person. If they don’t want me to wash their dishes, do not leave the dishes in the sink for me to see it first thing in the morning. I will wash it.

Image result for my typical day image

After washing the dishes and putting them on the dry rack, I grab a mug and pour coffee into my mug. I pull out three hazelnut creamers and two half&half from the jars. Then grab an almond milk out and pour a little into it. I get a small spoon to swirl all together until I see a beautiful color. This is how I take coffee every morning. If there was no creamers, half&half, or milk, I will drink it black. Either way, it will taste better in the morning. I cannot live without coffee. Then, I will either get greek yogurt with honey and granola or something else. It’s really simple. I used to eat a lot for breakfast but lately, I didn’t.

I would set my mug and my laptop on the dining table or coffee table and watch my show. Occasionally, I will look up and see outside of the patio. Then my roommate wakes up and gets her coffee fix. She would sit across and open her laptop. We will talk about what plan we will do today or what food we plan to eat tonight, etc. After an hour or two, either of us gets ready. I was getting ready for work. I’m trying to get into a habit of putting minimal makeup before I go to work. I will fix my hair then brush my teeth, change into a nice pant then I’m ready.

Usually, I will show up to work an hour or half an hour early before I start working and I get off work in the evening. Fridays are exceptional, depending on if I’m scheduled to work for Teens night, which means I get off work later. Just in case if you don’t know, I work at an after-school program and I work mostly with DHH members. I’m around with 1st to 3rd graders. During work, things will get wild a little especially when they all out of school and every day is not the same. There will be always going on but I love working there. I always find myself busy. I love it.

After a long day at work, I go home. On my drive back home AND wherever I go, I always have my Sam Smith “The Thrill Of It All” album on repeat. It was a perfect drive for me and I can relax throughout the day.

Once I get home, sometimes one of my roommates will be home to greet me and we will ask each other about our day. I walk to the fridge and see what I have in there that I can use to cook for dinner. Other than that, I will do #hayaflop in either on the couch or on my bed for a few precious moments with my phone. Then almost all of my roommates are home, either my roommate or I will ask each other if she wants to drink: mixed drink or hot tea.

And that’s my typical day. Most of the time. It can be boring. Maybe your typical day is better! What is your typical day looks like to you? Comment below if you will like to share with me. Til then, catch a glimpse of Haya later.

Vacation Mode: OFF

I didn’t do any outdoorsy trip or get drunk during Spring break.

I work. Yes, there’s no break when you’re working in an after-school program job-related (unless you requested some days off). I’m still new to this job and I definitely love my job. I get to work with kids which were my goal in becoming a teacher someday. So, as my dad would say, “You’re on the right path, Anak. Keep doing what you supposed to do and don’t give up.” Anak in Tagalog means ‘child’. I didn’t do what I wanted to do during Spring Break, however, it’s good for me. I get to save my money! Saving money instead of wasting on drinks, gas, and a place to stay somewhere out of the valley.img_30031-e1522033659929.jpeg

It was hard not to spend $$$…

But some points, I had to for a good reason. Basically, from Monday to Friday, I was doing good. I spent on food mostly and other important things. My dear friend decided to drop by visiting and staying for one night before she heads for the north. Luckily, I got a day off on Friday which was a perfect timing. We grabbed sushi in Glendale. I have to say, that sushi place ain’t bad and they have good happy hours. After that, we decided to stay around a little bit before heading back to the apartment. We stopped by to get coffee and chat more in a cute neighborhood that we didn’t know Burbank/Glendale have. It was very simple and have some shops close by. It reminds me of Belmont Shore area where they have cute shops and restaurants. But this one, more old/vintage feeling to me. When the traffic settles down, we went back to the apartment. We played a card game with my roommate and blockade game with drinks. It was LIT.

I was supposed to finish this post on Friday night, but I didn’t have time. The next morning, I had to go to my parents’ house to help them out with filling the water filter and recycling. After that, drive my sister around in LA to pick up food for Chloe’s birthday celebration. It was nice spending time with my family especially when we all alone. We updated each other with news and random things going on in our lives. Be sure to spend time with your family the most because that kind of quality time is rare for most people like me.

Even though I don’t have time enough to myself or for my family or friends, I will make sure I do. So, vacation mode: off until I actually request a week off or so.

Hope your Spring break went well! Catch a glimpse of Haya later.