5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

When your friend tells you that they will be coming to your place to visit and should plan something, you automatically think of food. Yup, that’s me. But then, most of you are guilty of thinking that first. Am I right? But no! We should think of something fun to do when your friends are coming to town. I can only think a few things you (we) should do. It is not staying in your apartment and #hayaflop kind of thing; especially when it is a nice day outside. Consider these five fun things you should do with your friends 🙂

  1. Visit Downtown LA. Take up the chance to go to LA. There are a lot of things you can do there! Whether if it’s food, beach, or arts. Be local and walk around the area. Google or Yelp places that are trending and that might help you see what LA have to offer. Take a short day or a long day if you have time and tell your friends to come! (Carpool rules!)
  2. Find food place you haven’t try together. Yes, as much as I’m trying to avoid saying this but it’s true! My friends and I would be scrolling on Yelp looking for places to try, and we sometimes feedback on each other with our food. img_3069.jpegThere are a lot of places you can try with your friends! As a foodie,I’m always looking for local food to support their local businesses. Of course, it may be an Instagram picture opportunity, but I’m there for the food mostly, haha. Support your local businesses and show them some love!
  3. Have a Beach Day Out. Look out in the window and see if it’s a beautiful day. If it is a beautiful day and nice weather with sun out and little breezy, then it is a perfect day for you to plan a beach day! There are Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Manhattan, Redondo, or even Huntington beach.Choose whatever is close you or if you’re feeling spontaneous, go far!  Get some vitamin D and always put sun lotion to protect your skin.
  4. Check out Instagram – Trending Photo Ops. There are a lot of murals and backdrops that you can use for your Instagram and it is fun to include your friends too! I did a much of Instagram opportunities with just myself and friends. It’s nice if you also take your friend’s picture as well. While you’re there at an awesome place, check your surroundings and try something new there! It can be a place that has vintage stores or dessert place.
  5. Museum Goers. Evey month, there’s always a museum that is worth to check out. Plan with your friends to check out at least 2 different museums. Occasionally, museums change themes.So it’s not always the same every time you go. Some museums don’t change at all. Absorbs some history and arts with your friends and it’s a nice leisure walk around as well. I love going to museums (I need to go see a museum soon). Each museum, I will try to purchase something from the museum. The last time I remember, I bought Mucha book from either LACMA or Getty Museum. I like to keep a book collection of my favorite artists nowadays. I sometimes use them as a reference whenever I draw or paint. So book a day to go check some museums!

So far, these are what I can come up with if you’re struggling to plan a day with your friends and it’s nice to go out as well. If you’re on a money-budget, there are some places that you don’t even that to spend a cent! There are no excuses for not going out, unless if it is a personal reason… However, do some research and plan before you go (best to rresearch a day or two before the actual day). And if you all broke and would like to save some extra money for the week, you can stay home and do some activities. Like card games or board games, do some short exercises where you all can laugh at each other struggling to hold a position, or tv/movie bingeing :). I hope these help you guys to start stimulating your brain cells. Catch a glimpse of Haya later ^-^