Once Again – (Story-Tyme)

I went Formula Drift on April 7th with my boyfriend and two good friends in Long Beach. If you’ve been to Formula Drift before, then you know whoโ€™s the winner.

April 7th – Time: 7:15am

My boyfriend and I snoozed for about four times before we actually wake up. It was frustrating in the morning so he made us coffee while I decided to go get us breakfast burritos on the road; I got a sausage burrito and he got a bacon burrito without cheese. Actually, his mom made me Armenian coffee, hahaha. Around 9 am, we finally hit the street to Long Beach. Luckily, our friends stayed at a hotel close by where the event will be at. We didn’t arrive until around 10 am. We parked in the parking construction, 5 minutes walk away. We met our friends once we went through the ticket process.

Poor thing, our friends look like they didn’t have enough sleep but they still up and looking forward to seeing what is happening next. Btw, it’s their first time coming to this kind of event as well. Not a lot of people showing yet but soon will become crowded once the event has the final 16 to compete. Right now it was top 32. We sat in a new section this year. Prior coming to this event, my boyfriend and I went on trying to find the seat in the area he was to sit like the last time and I told him that it is full, we will have to try different seats. He was so adamant that he wanted the same section and that I’ve told him that he needs to try different section and who knows, he might like it.

So, we walked around and see some booths that are already set up. I spotted air freshener booth and I need new air freshener. So I got one for the cup tumbler and asked my boyfriend that he needs one for his car so he got the box that you can put underneath the car seat. The woman was so nice that she actually gave us another regular air freshener and I only paid 20 bucks for 3. Then we resume walking around. In one of the booths, I won a sticker for scoring one sandbag in the hole. Oh, in case if you’re wondering about the weather, the weather was nice, cloudy and bit of cold; later during the day, it gets warm.

We finally decided to go find our seats in the section since the competition is starting. We watch the top 32 finalists competed. We decided to leave before the last round and we regrettedย not staying because the commotions we hear and saw on the big screen, the Ferrari 599 GTB got caught on fire. Luckily, the driver got out in time before he got engulfed by the fire. However, the drifter (Federico Sceriffo) got out safe in time before the driver’s seat engulfed by the fire. The fuel line was punctured by another vehicle which started the fire. You can see the dark smokes smoking up the air where the palm trees swinging against the winds.ย  Hopefully, Sceriffo can rebuild his car to drift again.

During that last round, we decided to get some food. I went and got the ghost fries which is really spicy, but at the same time, so good. My boyfriend got us carne asada tacos and it was alright. I shouldn’t get the fries because once we got back to watch the top 16, I was feeling nausea and my tummy wasn’t happy.


Next time, I’m not gonna get those fries. Once the final 8 turned to final top 4. It was Fredric Aasbo, Forrest Wang, James Deane, and Piotr Wiecek in the top 4. Then it comes down to Aasbo and Wang competing for the first place. It got everyone riled up and to the point where everyone chanting ‘One more time! One more time!” They got the OMT. I was hoping that Wang gets the first place because it’s been awhile that he actually get in the final 4. And Aasbo already has 11 wins so far. The tension got most of everyone standing from their seat and watch the last round of Aasbo and Wang drifting. It was a close call. When they finally announce the winner, they kept us teetering on our toes and Aasbo won. With another win, he now has 12 wins! Sad at the same happy for him, but Wang deserved it. We didn’t stay inย for the podium where they give trophies to the winners, we decided to grab some eats.

We went to Downtown LA and meet there for Korean BBQ. Waited for at least an hour and finally got our seat. Grubs some meats in our tummy and enjoyed time chatting. I told my boyfriend that we could’ve gotten ramen instead of KBBQ, hahaha. We were so full and satisfied and thanked each other for coming. We had fun and it was such a chill. I’m glad they get to enjoy the event instead of working all day and give them a chance to relax all day from work. Boyfriend got us ice cream at AmPm gas station and we’re done for the night.

That’s it for story-time with a glimpse of Haya. Catch y’all later.