How To Save Money on Food

HOW? How? Hooooooowwwwwww?

Internally fighting off all the possible fast food places popping up in my head.

It’s really simple. So simple. Yes, it is THAT simple.

You can-NOT depend on Mcdonald (a large french fries and a happy meal of 4 pieces chicken nuggets with two sweet ‘n’ sour sauce) forever. I know it’s hard and it’s hard for me too! Believe me or I wouldn’t even post this “How to save money on food.” Most of the millennial generation grew up eating mickey-d’s, burger king, Church chicken (better than Popeyes) or Chinese food because you know, it is cheap and it is freaking delicious for most of us. I ain’t gonna lie. My parents used to drive to mickey-d’s and ordered a dozen of cheeseburgers because it’s cheap and they didn’t have to cook (plus my sister kinda persuaded me to convince my parents to get us McDonald’s. I was young, okay! my sister was a bad influence at that time, using my ‘baby begging face’ to convince them). Nowadays, we’re becoming more conscious of what we eat.

Now that I am 26. I noticed myself eating more organic food such as non-preservatives, non-processed food, and more vegetables. I do still eat some fast food once in a while but most of the time, avoiding them if I want to maintain a healthy life for myself. I started cooking more at home and who doesn’t love the homemade food at home?! My roommates’ homemade food is always the bomb and better than at restaurants, cause like they put their heart and soul into making this delicious homemade shieeet.

Number 1: Limit the wants and focus on the needs.

We all have cravings, especially the wants whenever you go to the grocery store or food place. Let’s say you have 25 dollars. That’s enough to get yourself a combo at a panda express with a medium drink, maybe an extra side as well. Then again, that’s 25 dollars in one day go to waste. Be rational. You can literally use up 25 dollars for just a week.

Number 2: Get food items that can last you for a while or food plan.

What I mean like get food that you know you would eat it every day or at least every other day. Oh, psst. Leftover is totally OK. Normally, I would go to the store and start thinking okay, If I want to save money for the week or at least two weeks, I make lists. For instance, I love breakfast and I always make sure that I get the most of my morning time. I would get bagels, eggs, greek yogurt, and little bits to incorporate with other things. You see where I’m going along with this? You making a food plan for a week is awesome, which is another thing I should do every time. Visualize your food plan and don’t waste it. This is where the leftover comes in. I know some of you would be like, ew. Who will eat the leftovers? Uh, this girl over here! I don’t mind as long it looks appetizing. If it’s old or you know you’re not gonna eat it after having it once, offer to your roommates or family members BEFORE you threw it out. They’ll be grateful and you’ll be grateful as well.

Number 3: What’s for dinner?

Tired of seeing your fridge all piled up with food that is for breakfast or lunch or even leftovers? Don’t even try to stock up in the fridge. I’ve seen it and annoyed the heck of me and I know I’m not the only one. My suggestion is to get ingredients that you know you will use it on the same night to make your dinner. So that way, you don’t have to stuff it in back in the fridge until tomorrow or even a couple of days. Use it up in one day so that you’re not wasting the ingredients.

Number 4: Pitching in!

Another way to save money on food is pitching in with your roommates, friends or family members in buying ingredients. If y’all gonna get coffee creamer or milk, pitch in with someone who also drinks coffee! If y’all doing taco night, pitch in with whoever will be eating tacos with you. Even with drinks! Pitching in is the best way to save your money. The last time I pitched in for taco night, I only have to pay less than 10 dollars. That’s all included with meats and sides (insert the gasp face emoji). I know, right?! So incredible to save that much! This is why I like pitching in.

Number 5: Don’t be afraid to splurge a little.

There are days where you want to buy food you wanted but you know you come into the store with a sole purpose. If there is an item that you want to try to see if it is good, GO FOR IT. Nothing’s wrong with trying different things. I know I do. It is okay to go a little over your budget but control yourself. You don’t want to end up with a negative in your bank account. I know this blog post was supposed to be on how to save money on food, so try to stay on track on what you’re planning to do with food shopping and staying on your budget.

Well, well, well

I hope these numbers of list helps you and the next time you go to a grocery store, you have that clear mindset on how you will save money 🙂 Any questions or comments, I’ll be more to oblige to help you out! Catch a glimpse of Haya later.


5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

When your friend tells you that they will be coming to your place to visit and should plan something, you automatically think of food. Yup, that’s me. But then, most of you are guilty of thinking that first. Am I right? But no! We should think of something fun to do when your friends are coming to town. I can only think a few things you (we) should do. It is not staying in your apartment and #hayaflop kind of thing; especially when it is a nice day outside. Consider these five fun things you should do with your friends 🙂

  1. Visit Downtown LA. Take up the chance to go to LA. There are a lot of things you can do there! Whether if it’s food, beach, or arts. Be local and walk around the area. Google or Yelp places that are trending and that might help you see what LA have to offer. Take a short day or a long day if you have time and tell your friends to come! (Carpool rules!)
  2. Find food place you haven’t try together. Yes, as much as I’m trying to avoid saying this but it’s true! My friends and I would be scrolling on Yelp looking for places to try, and we sometimes feedback on each other with our food. img_3069.jpegThere are a lot of places you can try with your friends! As a foodie,I’m always looking for local food to support their local businesses. Of course, it may be an Instagram picture opportunity, but I’m there for the food mostly, haha. Support your local businesses and show them some love!
  3. Have a Beach Day Out. Look out in the window and see if it’s a beautiful day. If it is a beautiful day and nice weather with sun out and little breezy, then it is a perfect day for you to plan a beach day! There are Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Manhattan, Redondo, or even Huntington beach.Choose whatever is close you or if you’re feeling spontaneous, go far!  Get some vitamin D and always put sun lotion to protect your skin.
  4. Check out Instagram – Trending Photo Ops. There are a lot of murals and backdrops that you can use for your Instagram and it is fun to include your friends too! I did a much of Instagram opportunities with just myself and friends. It’s nice if you also take your friend’s picture as well. While you’re there at an awesome place, check your surroundings and try something new there! It can be a place that has vintage stores or dessert place.
  5. Museum Goers. Evey month, there’s always a museum that is worth to check out. Plan with your friends to check out at least 2 different museums. Occasionally, museums change themes.So it’s not always the same every time you go. Some museums don’t change at all. Absorbs some history and arts with your friends and it’s a nice leisure walk around as well. I love going to museums (I need to go see a museum soon). Each museum, I will try to purchase something from the museum. The last time I remember, I bought Mucha book from either LACMA or Getty Museum. I like to keep a book collection of my favorite artists nowadays. I sometimes use them as a reference whenever I draw or paint. So book a day to go check some museums!

So far, these are what I can come up with if you’re struggling to plan a day with your friends and it’s nice to go out as well. If you’re on a money-budget, there are some places that you don’t even that to spend a cent! There are no excuses for not going out, unless if it is a personal reason… However, do some research and plan before you go (best to rresearch a day or two before the actual day). And if you all broke and would like to save some extra money for the week, you can stay home and do some activities. Like card games or board games, do some short exercises where you all can laugh at each other struggling to hold a position, or tv/movie bingeing :). I hope these help you guys to start stimulating your brain cells. Catch a glimpse of Haya later ^-^