Binge Much?

Is it just me that the days are getting longer yet the hours are quicker?

Maybe…maybe not. But I don’t know about you, I’ve been bingeing so much lately and it’s a good thing for me. Since it is summer season and there are a lot of things that I am looking forward to 🙂 I am excited! Happy Monday to you all!

Anywoo! We all get sucked into the world of Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon Prime, I’m sure and it is so hard to not binge when it is so close to bedtime. You find yourself looking at the time in the dark and shook yourself that it was already 3am. You curse yourself and force yourself to sleep because you have work in the morning. That’s pretty much me sometimes. When I find a show that I really like, like really likes the show so much that I binge so hard. I tell myself daily that I need to start organizing my shiet before watching my show.

A few days ago, I just finished watching a TV show called “Lucifer” on Hulu and man, it is good. I personally like to watch fantasy slash crime type of shows because it makes everything so interesting. I finished that show less than 3 weeks. I KNOW. I know. You’re thinking “Omg, HAYA.” or “Damn girl, you have no life when it comes to bingeing.” I know, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s a bad habit and I’m pretty sure y’all do that too! Hopefully, Netflix will add season 4 for Lucifer” since the show itself got canceled on FOX channel. (fingers crossed). Now, I’m catching up with “Wynonna Earp” on Netflix season 2. I should stop, don’t I? (telling myself to start prioritizing again).

There’s nothing wrong with watching Netflix or Hulu and chill on your bed. I mean honestly, that’s how I do #Hayaflop right there. However, it’s taking away your priorities. It’s a distraction if you have your show on in front of you. I’ve been telling myself not to do that and you ended by telling yourself 5 more minutes with the show or at least the episode ends. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Not to worry, next week Monday’s post will be better 🙂 Thank you for taking your time of the day and I appreciate you so much! Catch a glimpse of Haya later.


Top 10 TV Series of All Time

I watched a lot of TV series and most of you will know some of these shows once I list them. It’s a mixture of genres for sure like drama, sci-fi, comedy, or crime. I don’t watch day shows like one day at a time or something. Not my preference. So I came up with at least 10 because I’m challenging myself to find the top 10 TV series of all time for you guys. So here we go!

  1. Dark Angel. If your favorite actress is Jessica Alba, you need to watch this. She looked so young in this tv show and she has a badass female character. She’s like a bionic female. This show started around 2000 and I was like what, in between middle school and high school. This show was on a sci-fy channel when I first watched it. Basically, this is a strongly female-lead show. What sucks about this show is that it lasts only 2 seasons. I was pretty bummed about it because it was so good and I don’t understand why it didn’t continue!  But yes, I suggested you watch this show.
  2. Parks and Recreation. With 7 seasons and Ron Swanson never changed. If you like a mixture of political with exaggerating humor, watch this show. As much as I love Leslie but Aubrey suits me. Oppose to the show “The Office,” I rather watch Parks and Rec. I will watch from the beginning to the ending if I want to watch again.
  3. Veronica Mars. Never gets old. Especially when she’s on another new show called “The Good Place”. The character suits her very well. Kristen Bell is another favorite actress of mine. Only have 3 seasons and if you like crime with comedy slash drama, this is the one for you.
  4. Bones. If you like to see some gooey blood and long-waiting investigation. Oh my gulay (oh my veggies), this 12 seasons is soo good. Each episode you cannot stop watching. You’ll binge hard. It was pretty cool seeing how the whole crew get together from the beginning to the end. You grow to love each character. So yes, watch it!
  5. Game of Thrones. You’re not the only one if you just started like a year or two. It started in 2011 and I started watching this show around two years ago… But I caught up to finish all seasons (7). I know they will make more for sure, so looking forward to watching it! It’s just so good even though there is some incest involves, blood-gory shiet going on and some crazy things that you can’t erase the image in your head because you see it happening in the show. This show is perfect for a group of friends to watch together and get ‘ooh, ah, what the fuck, did you see that?’ etc.
  6. Sherlock. BBC show with 4 seasons. It’s kinda like the Good Doctor with all that finding the clues of what’s going on with the case. (FYI, Good Doctor is one of the best tv show as well). Sherlock is funny and interesting. If you like Doctor Who, you’ll like Sherlock.
  7. Doctor Who. Don’t get me started. I was a huge fan of this show and I would record when I was young. I stopped watching when it comes to Doctor who #12 I believe. There are like 26 seasons so far. I watched a few episodes of the first season which it was hard to find. But so far, the show is addicting. I’m a huge fan of the tenth doctor. Best ever!
  8. Catfish Show. I like watching reality shows and Catfish show is one of them. It is based on finding the person you’ve been talking to either online or calling if whether he or she is a true deal or a catfish. Some episodes were a success and some are not. I hated when they cut it to commercial when you’re finally going to find out if that person is a catfish or not. But overall, I love Nev and Max. They’re awesome co-hosts for sure. It has 7 seasons so far. (I didn’t realize that it is already 7 seasons…).
  9. Scandal. Oh, my gulay. This show is good. With 7 seasons, I didn’t finish the last season but it is so good. It is bingeable and addicting for sure. It’s all part of political slash drama slash crime. I think either season 5 or 6 got a little boring but it got some actions to make sure the show goes on, haha. I can’t really describe it but all I can say that this show is good.
  10. Terrace House. This is on Netflix. I tend to watch a lot of Korean drama because I think it is a tad better than American version or Filipino teleserye. I personally like K-drama anyways. However, this Japanese reality show got me hooked. So this has 3 seasons so far, the third is this season and it’s based in Japan. It’s like The Real World from MTV where strangers live together in one big fancy house with a pool and two cars provided. The first season is a good start of what is like. I didn’t like the second season since it based in Hawaii and they didn’t add accessible captioning when they talk in  English. However, since the 3rd season is based in Japan, I’m hooked. When you have time to Netflix and chill, check this tv show!

Although, I am not satisfied with the list because I have a lot of TV shows to list, like New Girl, The Orphan Black, The Magician, Big Mouth, etc. Seriously, there are a lot of good show lately! Maybe I’ll make a separate post of what should you watch on Netflix (hopefully you shares some of my preference). Hope this will inspire you to watch at least one show out of 10 TV shows I’ve listed here. Catch a glimpse of Haya later 🙂