Back to CAMP

Wow. I forgot what it is like to disconnect with the internet, phone, traffic, and the noises for a week. It was nice to come back to Deaf camp and support one of my favorite person who just became a director for the first time. Things were rough at a time, but it is all worth it for the kids. I also like to work with deaf campers and see how I can accommodate them as well. I love waking up to see nature right in front of me. Which reminds me, that I need to make a bucket of trips that I wanted to go regarding with nature.

I joined with my best friend to camp and stayed for one week. I got to meet all the old faces and new faces. I worked with an awesome co-counselor and she thinks I am her laughing medicine every day. Sometimes, I wondered why but at the same time, I do find myself funny. Either that or I was being such a scaredy-cat about bugs that have wings everywhere during night time. There were so many moments that campers laughed at me when I shrieked or scooted away from gnats or moth as I’m trying to get them ready for bed. Yes, I know I made a fool out of myself and not showing a role model when I should be. Sometimes it is okay to show that I’m not always tough or firm about anything. It’s one of my true side of me they just got a glimpse most of the time during the week.

My co-counselor and I had a large group of girls and it was somewhat tolerable. I do feel like we could make it work if a situation weren’t in the same place. Our cabin where we stayed in is like down where the volunteers cabin at. I hiked up and down with sweat. A lot of raspy breathing hard after reaching to where we should be at. One of the reasons for coming to camp is to get back on sweat mode cause I know I lack in that area. It was a good exercise, I mean I was up running up and down trying to get us on time, and making sure that we’re safe in one unit.

Another thing about the camp itself is the food. The food is somewhat good and breakfast is like my favorite part of the day. If you know me well enough, I’m always down for some brekkie place to try. The kids that I’m with aren’t that huge fan of breakfast but I know one of them does. Relatable.

One of my favorite moments is seeing one or two campers asking to read El Deafo book. This is the reason why I bought the book, not for myself but for those campers who came for the first time. Campers that shy and don’t really know how to socialize with their peers especially during night time. The book gave them something to do and be more comfortable away from parents/home.

Another one where I looked back at the moment, I laughed at myself. One of those nights, we came back from dinner to the cabin. We were all getting ready for bed. Moths and bugs alike were attracted to the light post that was hunged up in front of our doors and some of them got into the cabin. So, some of them got into my side of the cabin (we have a cabin that comes with two doors; my partner got 6 campers on her side of the cabin while I have 5 campers on the other side of the cabin). My campers were screaming, but not like bloody screaming kinds. It’s more of like “AHH! bugs! Close the door! Eek! There’s one on my bed!” That kind of thing. As a counselor, I wouldn’t want any bugs into the cabin but like, really? I know I’m the same as they feel but like we sleep in a wilderness area.

Anyways, as we were getting ready for bed, and me trying to get most of the bugs out of the door. One of the campers were ready and she sleeps on the top bunk. I was walking past by her bunk toward the bathroom. (Deaf tendency), she jumped onto the bed and the strip light cover on the ceiling came off hanging on top of me.

I caught myself guarding my head, thinking it might fall on me. But it didn’t. It was hanging on one side, BARELY. My quick thinking was to ask the camper to bring the chair to me and I stepped up on the chair trying to fix it. Of course, the bugs were there and the campers trying to help me and trying to swat the bugs away. I asked one of them to go get my partner because I was holding the cover on one side on the other end but I couldn’t get all secured. So my partner came right away and helped me out. After fixing the cover, we finally got it secured. I looked at her and looked down, she stood on each side of the bunk beds to help me out while I’m standing on a chair. In the back of my head, I’m like “I coulda do that”. My partner looked at me like how? then looked at me with the chair, and just laughed at me hard. My campers noticed that and giggled. I’m like hey, my guts were to get the chair.

At least, those moments campers can take home with them and share with their family and they did have fun at the camp. I would come back and do the same thing over again. I just need to build a little more resistance on those gnats. At least I didn’t get mosquito bites this year!