The Less, the Merrier!

Notice that I stated “less” instead of “more” in the title? You’ll see why.

Are you an introverted or extroverted person?

Or just a mixture of both? I believed I am a mixture of both. There are times where I just want to be by myself or have someone with me in solemn of silence while doing something. Actually, I’ve noticed that I am leaning more toward an extroverted person. I like trying new things. (more like trying new local food). Such as drinks or culture food. I like to try to find a challenge for myself to maintain an active lifestyle instead of just doing #Hayaflop time on the couch. I would try to find something to do instead of staying at home after work. For instance, going to Targets and stroll around or do window shopping when I know I only have less than 5 bucks in my bank. Something like that. At the end of the day, I usually find myself either catching up with my roommates with their days. After catching up with everyone, I either went back to the room to relax or sitting on the table with my laptop open and play music like I am doing right now.

However, there are times when you feel like meh, I just want to flop on the couch and be on my phone and snoop on what everyone been doing. You will find yourself comparing to other people and feel less festive than they are. It’s a bad habit over thinking that everyone is doing much better than you. Convert that thought. Think that even though it shows in the picture or video, they did have a crappy day. Not everyone is perfect. I know I’ve said this to many of my friends and it’s true. It is something to keep in mind even I have a shitty day, there is something good out of it. It is okay to have a shitty day. On the bright side, you can tell your roommates or friends about your shitty day.

It is okay to be introverted. It is okay to be extroverted. And it is okay to be both as well. There’s nothing right or wrong about being who you are. Give it some time and patience that is all we need.

Choose your others wisely

I like to keep my friends close. And it’s hard to find that group that you’re close enough to be comfortable around; being silly with them or have a really deep conversation. Nowadays, people who claim to be your friend, eventually fade. Fairly fast. I personally have trust issues. Peeling onions skin is not that easy. I usually let the person sign/talk first before I do because I do not want to give away information easily. If you are like me, I observe and analyze the person first. I only have a few or less that are trustworthy. I used to think that I had a lot of friends and thought it was cool to have 300+ friends. YAS, MySpace, y’all.  And I don’t even interact MOST of those friends.

I just don’t think it is worthy of my time if someone just acknowledges my presence with friends we both know. The less, the merrier! Honestly, having a few close friends is good enough for me. I know those people. I know I can trust them enough that if ever I have a problem, they have my back. I know I will rely on their support as well. Don’t revolve your world around Drama either.


Not too long ago, I went a group of friends and my boyfriend to Big Bear trip and we stayed there for almost 4 days. It was a mixture of good and close friends. Definitely not bad at all. We learned to put our differences aside and learn about each other. The trip was much-needed; away from chaos. It was actually nice to have old times together and having dinner together. I believe dinner time was valuable for all of us. We gathered together to feast and spent quality time. I definitely miss the kabobs and simple jambalaya with the crispy street tacos.

I’ll cut this short and catch a glimpse of Haya next time 🙂

What is 2018?

I don’t really know what to start…

I feel like I am going around and around like the numeral symbol of my birth month. Maybe it’s just me. To start afresh or slowing crumbling back to old habits like it does every new year? What do you think? Have you noticed yourself reflecting what you did the year back? And years back? What was your answer when your friends or family asked such questions like what is your new year resolution will be or what are you’re planning to do?

I’ve noticed the first thing I can think of was trying to lose weight and eating right. I somewhat did that but not entirely satisfied with the process. I love trying new food. Especially when you’re scrolling up on yelp looking for new places to try, local food to be specific. It’s probably not the eating right. It’s the losing weight. I struggled the most with my weight. From day one, I was so motivated and the last few weeks, I stopped motivating myself. I really need to get back on track. My goal was to maintain my weight in a healthy way. But it’s so hard. I need to force my thinking skill that whenever I do to rest, tell myself to go to the gym instead. Ah! the struggle is real.

Starting from this point…

This year is a new year for me. There are many opportunities for me out there and for all of youse as well. Tell yourself not to slack off over things that are ESSENTIAL. Love yourself, treat yourself and speak to yourself kindly. Know this that you and I have come a long way from where we started. Which is like amazing, right?! Reminds yourself that because you’ll need to tell yourself that you’re fortunate enough to go through this journey independently. And sometimes, it is a bonus when someone tells you that you go far to get to where you are. Motivate yourself and don’t give up easily.

I tell this to my boyfriend and my friends all the times. I tell these uplifting motivation words to them and in the end, I’m a hypocrite. I know it is bad but I am still in the process of learning how to love myself, my outer slash inner beauty of me, and telling myself that I am a strong woman and that I need to a push myself toward the door of exploring new things. I appreciated those who tell me that I am strong and that I am beautiful human being. I need to stand up for myself more even though, I thought I have been. It doesn’t feel like I am hiding or anything. However, I should be able to stay firm with myself and everyone who comes in and out of my life. You should do the same as well. Be well-guarded but still be you.

As of well, this post slash blog will be also a new beginning, a new start for me to try to give myself some support on my own without having to rely on one person to cheers me up or picks me up after. Not only that, I need to start a better communication with myself and everyone as well. Seriously, I may not be a good communicator but I’m a good listener. I’ve been told by people wondering what it is like to in my mind because I’m always wandering and saying random things. Lastly, I need to improve my writing skills. So far, I think I did a-Ok. Right? I hope so. I should make a goal for myself at least to write one post once a week or twice? I don’t know, we will see how this goes.

Catch a glimpse of Haya later 🙂