San Diego Calling

IMG_0054San Diego is my third home. San Fransisco is my second.

It’s literally only a couple hours away from my home. I go to the beaches a lot more there compared to my hometown. I just love it.  The vibes, the community, and the diverse cultures they have there. It’s like LA but smaller.

I’ve always wanted to try different places every I go and I like to try new things as well. I am a somewhat picky eater but I try to be open-minded about it. I still can’t eat fig just yet. It may look appealing to me but the inside doesn’t appeal so well for me.

So anyways. I stayed with my friend who is currently attending at UCSD for three days. In three days, we’ve gone to the beaches. She’s a sunset chaser and would grab any opportunity to find a good place to take pictures of the incredible sun slash beach. FYI, it was cold af as well.

On Saturday, my friend picked me up and we had pho before we left my hometown. She was coming down with sniffles. I took her to one of my favorite pho places when I grew up and this is when my sister took me there with the family. Ever since it was champ still. I love their Thai drink. It is an affordable place too. We caught up a bit and we were on our way!

It was bad timing since it’s Saturday and a lot of people are going out of town during President’s Day weekend. We decided to cut the traffic by exiting in Oceanside and catch the sunset, of course. It was also perfect timing because I updated my phone and it comes with an awesome camera lens. I was amazed by how this phone takes good photos. It was cold! It was nice to get out of the car and stretch our bodies but like damn, it’s cold! We were there for a while until my friend found a lost wallet. She wanted to give the wallet back, so we went to the address on his driver’s license, I mean, what would you do if you find someone’s wallet somewhere at the beach? If you were me, I would’ve left it. If you were my friend, she felt that if I were that person, that person would want it back. I was pretty proud of her. So, she returned the wallet and we were on the way to her place. We made a plan with our former roommate/friend to meet up at a bar.

Once we got there, we got ready and we picked her up on the way. I was so excited because I have not seen her for a while and it was a good vibe as well. We caught up while we got there. We went to a bar called Craft & Commerce, We found out that it was crowded and we were in the process of finding a different bar when we realized there is a hidden bar (speakeasy) inside the bar. A bar within a bar. So cool, right? We were going to walk out of the bar to find a bar called False Idol and it was like right in front of us. We decided to wait. While we waited, we ordered drinks from Craft & Commerce and the spot was tight though.  We

IMG_0129On Sunday, it was nice, I slept in a little but still early. My friend got up early. Today was gonna be mellow. We were gonna get tacos at Tacos El Gordo.  I haven’t had it for so long, it tasted so good. Then she showed me around Coronado Island in the car. We decided to stop by at a cute coffee shop with a flower shop. We stayed a couple of hours and then. We went back to her area to get some dessert then chilled.

Ah! Now, I remember. We went to this really cool bar and it comes with reservation. I knew she was tired but it was worth it! Even the drinks and the food itself as well.

I don’t really remember the next day when she dropped me off home. But I remembered that I fell on that day when we went down the beach to explore the low tides. We also saw the double rainbow on the drive back to LA. But that’s the remaining of my San Diego Trip!

I lagged so much on this post. I know.


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Born in the '90s. Deaf since birth and grew up orally. I identified myself Deaf and Filipino slash American. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Studies of 2015 and currently employed in the field I should be in the pursuit of becoming a teacher for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing someday. Little things about me: I love starting my day with a cup of hot coffee with lots of creamers; I have a sweet tooth. Now, I start my day with a cup of coffee with Oatly milk and a hint of hazelnut creamer. There are times where I will be craving a hot fudge sundae ice cream from Mcdonalds. I love trying different authentic and local food. The first thing I turn on the tv, I switch to cooking shows. I'm an artist who hasn't touch a paintbrush for a while now. I need to retouch my creativity side again. And oh, my favorite flower is tulips. :)

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