How Do I Describe Myself…

Using 5 words.

It is hard to describe myself using 5 adjectives. My friends can describe me better than I can. I’m sitting down on a lofty chair at a cafe in NoHo, thinking and googling words that I actually think it fits me. You’re probably thinking, “Oh wow, very fancy setting.” No, I just happened to be there and thought, “Why not, since I’m here at a hipster cafe and it makes me wanna blog. HA!” Anywoo, I did come up with 5 words that describe me. Those who know me, correct me if I’m wrong after reading this (not mid-correcting while reading). So, here we go!IMG_3138

  1. Down-to-Earth. Although I may seem shy or quiet (which I actually am), it will take some time for me to really open up to a person. Once I open up, I keep it real. With no pretentious about me, I’ll tell you my honest opinion on whatever topics. I’m always down to try something new such as trying new food place (@authenticlocalfoodie, follow me on other Instagram if you haven’t). I am a simple person who likes everything to go smoothly.
  2. Diligent. I have very good eyes, even though I wear glasses. I still tend things with care. I always make sure I finish my tasks before anything. My parents taught me at an early age that I should be polite always. Making myself to stand out and say, “Hello, good morning,” “Thank you,”Please,” and etc. With that in mind, I do it all the time and even at my work, I make sure everything is organized and in place. If I was running late, I make sure I remind myself to finish the rest the next following day. Sometimes, when I see things that are not done, I’ll do it to get over it as well because of it just me and how I feel.
  3. Amusing. Most people think I’m funnier when I’m not saying anything intentionally, even when I didn’t think it was funny. I can be witty sometimes and sarcastic when it’s the right time. I like to make sure everyone include myself, having fun throughout the day. Sometimes, I can say a small joke to lighten up the mood. Honestly, laughter is the best medicine. For most people who know me, they couldn’t stay mad when I get mad at them for something. They said that they cannot be serious with me when I’m really trying to be serious with them about something. I honestly don’t know why or what’s wrong with them. It got to do with their mental state of mind, (probably watching too much of impractical jokers).
  4. Amiable. People might think that I am a judgemental person but I’m actually not, really. I can be judgemental when it’s necessary. For example, if someone trying to take advantage of my friends, I’ll tell them like it is. I’m a warm person and friendly once you get to know me. I treat my friends as if they were my family. I like to socialize with people who I know and having a good time catching up with them. Most of the times, I am a very good listener because I prefer them talking instead of me talking. I don’t make sense when I’m trying to explain things in person. You know, when you try to explain to someone and it makes sense in your head, however the person in front of you doesn’t. You tried your best to like hack the sentences in basic format, a better explanation but they still don’t get it…I get that a lot. Like A LOT. (all the time).
  5. Visionary.  I’m a very creative person with a huge imagination. I like to do things hands-on. I tend to look in the future to see what’s the outcomes and how to plan it accordingly. Another thing is that I believe that I give good advice. I give good advice that I would give myself pieces of advice as well. I try my best to help others to improve their life better. I always find a solution for them and try to encourage them to follow-up with it.

And…There it is! That wasn’t so hard. I think I’m a likable person. Not so shabby at all. We’ll see what my friends have to say about this post, hahaha. Well, catch a glimpse of Haya later and have a wonderful Monday!

Why the Charm?

As you all know my name is Haya. My mom gave me Haya Charm or Hayacharm (depending on my birth certificate). “Supposedly,” the Charm was supposed to be a nickname. I honestly thought don’t know but, I need to clarify with my parents with my first name… But no one calls me Charm nor Hayacharm. Let tell you a short story of how I got my name.

When I was in middle school, I believe. One of my teachers decided to do an activity where we use the computer and we have to find the meaning of our name. At the time, I already knew my name was unique and I hated my name. I thought I wouldn’t find the meaning behind my name and I was surprised that I did found some. After school, I went home and I approached my mom. I asked her, “Ma, why do you named me Haya Charm?” My mom tells me this story.


“I went to work abroad. That time, I was working in Japan…(I don’t remember some.) However, a man who approached me and started a conversation with me. The man said to me, “You should name your future daughter, Haya.” So, I named you Haya with Charm because my nickname is Lucky. Everyone calls me Lucky. So, your name is Haya Charm. “

I looked at her in awe. Like, thinking to myself, “Why did she take the man’s advice?”  or “But why, Haya?” So, that’s the reason why my name is given. What an interesting story.

But now, I grew with my name. I grew to love my name. I know it is unique and it is me. I know there isn’t no one else like me. If you have a unique name, learn to love it. You can ask your parents about why you got your name and maybe they have a story behind while picking your name. However, I know my name suits me because who else will call me Haya? Well, find out through your parents and see, if you’re curious about your name.

Catch a glimpse of Haya later 🙂

What My Personality Type is? (Long Post)

If you want to read this post, please make yourself comfortable. Since this will be a long post, have a cuppa coffee or lay down on your bed and relax. Hope you’ll find this post interesting enough (fingers crossed).

My personality type is Advocate (INFJ-A).

I was wondering what I should blog next and then I thought about taking a personality type quiz. I was curious if it changes or it remains the same. It seems that it changed since the last time I took a personality type and I remember that it wasn’t Advocate at first. It was pretty awesome. The quiz will only take about 12 minutes or less of your time to take it. You have an option if you want your result to be sent to via your email or you can read ahead.

Basically, being as an advocate type, it is very rare for most people to have this kind of type. Being an advocate, I like to help others and that satisfied me knowing that I helped someone with a situation or problems. It’s funny because when I see my parents helping other people, it sets my future career goal. My dad worked with adult clients that had disabilities and my mom worked at the hospital as CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). With that perspective, I wanted to grow up as a nurse like my mom or a teacher for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children.

I am a soft-spoken person (people have a hard time hearing me because I talk so soft and low) They’ll be like, “Huh? Say again? Sorry, I didn’t hear that.” And I have to turn the volume of my voice up enough for them to hear me. However, I do have a strong opinion on things and I stand on my ground for whatever I believe in until someone at least proves me wrong. When I read the word, egalitarianism and looked up what it means: relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. I was like whoa, how did you know that?! I honestly felt the same way because people deserve a chance to be acknowledged and be recognized for what they do. And not a lot of people gets that, Not only that, Karma. Oh, Karma and I have a longer relationship than my own relationship and friendships. My birthday month is August and symbolized “8”. What comes around comes back around again. Whatever an event happens will happen again in a similar situation. It will always be there and following everywhere I go.

Even though I like to help others and I need my own time slash space. I will always try my best to find time to spend time with others and that gives me a difficult time to find quality time with myself alone. I know I need to try better in spending quality time with me, myself, and I. Another thing that I need to take care of myself as well. When to the point I can’t handle anything, I get everything out of proportional. Which is a bad habit of myself and letting that happens in front of others. I always apologize once I calm down after a few minutes.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Strengths of Advocate type:

  • Creative – with fair imagination with a strong sense of compassion, I’ll use my creativity to solve problems in a realistic way. Especially with helping with someone with their issues.
  • Insightful – being able to have an honest discussion with others and see how events and people are connected in order to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Inspiring and Convincing – useful with words and able to persuade people. I don’t think I am a good speaker but I try my best to inspire people.
  • Decisive – I am very adamant about my decision and I tends to follow through. Even the plan fails, I always have a backup plan.
  • Determined and Passionate – I’m very determined to reach the goals I made for myself and passionate about what I do and put in anything.
  • Altruistic – It means showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others’ unselfish. I do have strong beliefs and try to put into action and not because I’m trying to get ahead of myself but to put out an idea out there and believe that idea would make the world a better place.

Weaknesses of Advocate type:

  • Sensitive – When someones criticize me or talk over me, I get sensitive easily. I quiet down, making everything awkward.
  • Extremely Private – I am an open-minded person but I may not be too extremely private. I am private enough with most of my personal life. I share only a few people who I am close to.  I do have trust issues based on my own personal experiences.
  • Perfectionist – Oh, I have several things that makes me a perfectionist.
  • Always Need to Have a Cause – I must have a goal that has an outcome to it. If there are no results in what I do, what the point of me to continue? (there is no goal at all, they will feel restless and disappointed). 
  • Can Burn Out Easily – I get tired very easily. Even though I don’t do much or I do a lot of things in one day, I burn out easily mainly, mentally.

Relationships with an Advocate type

Oh, my gulay. When I read the section of ‘Advocate Relationship,’ I agreed on all of it. When I’m in a relationship, I’m pretty serious. Currently, I am in a relationship and it’s been one year and nine months. We knew each other one or two years prior getting together. Once I found him, I look at him imaging on what it is like to be with him in a long-term. I look past his flaws, accepting that it is part of him. If he wants to mend some flaws of his, I will give him my full support. He and I are supportive of each other and try our best to stay authentic with each other; telling each other honestly and learning to accept the truth. We both look at each other for emotional support and embraces that part of us. It literally strengthens the relationship we have since we’re both passionate people. When it comes to intimacy, Advocates cherish not just the act of being in a relationship, but what it means to become one with another person, in mind, body, and soul.


I make mostly close friends because nowadays, you do not need 800+ friends to make your life better nor easier. Although, it will take a while for me to get know people. I like to connect people with similar interests. No, this doesn’t mean like oh, I think I like you in that way. That goes every people I connect/interact with. I tend to avoid people who are egoistic or talking over other people. If I want to get to know the person, be yourself naturally. I agreed with this statement, quality trumps quantity every time, and over the years they will likely end up with just a few true friendships, built on a richness of mutual understanding that forges an indelible link between them.I always tell this to people spending quality time is more important than how many times. I even tell this to my boyfriend, haha.

I’ll skip the parenthood, careers, and workplace habits to get to the conclusion. There are so many things I want to point out but I don’t want to make this post even longer and boring for you guys ><

I’ll quote a statement that describes an Advocate I am, right now.

You may have muttered to yourself, “wow, this is so accurate it’s a little creepy” or “finally, someone understands me!” You may have even asked “how do they know more about me than the people I’m closest to?”  like dude, staph analyzing my brain!

So yeah, that was pretty interesting to know! If you like to know what your personality type is, take this link:  and take it 🙂 If you like to share your personality type, please do comment! I wonder if you’re thinking the same way I was thinking when I take this test. Well, catch a glimpse of Haya later.




Once Again – (Story-Tyme)

I went Formula Drift on April 7th with my boyfriend and two good friends in Long Beach. If you’ve been to Formula Drift before, then you know who’s the winner.

April 7th – Time: 7:15am

My boyfriend and I snoozed for about four times before we actually wake up. It was frustrating in the morning so he made us coffee while I decided to go get us breakfast burritos on the road; I got a sausage burrito and he got a bacon burrito without cheese. Actually, his mom made me Armenian coffee, hahaha. Around 9 am, we finally hit the street to Long Beach. Luckily, our friends stayed at a hotel close by where the event will be at. We didn’t arrive until around 10 am. We parked in the parking construction, 5 minutes walk away. We met our friends once we went through the ticket process.

Poor thing, our friends look like they didn’t have enough sleep but they still up and looking forward to seeing what is happening next. Btw, it’s their first time coming to this kind of event as well. Not a lot of people showing yet but soon will become crowded once the event has the final 16 to compete. Right now it was top 32. We sat in a new section this year. Prior coming to this event, my boyfriend and I went on trying to find the seat in the area he was to sit like the last time and I told him that it is full, we will have to try different seats. He was so adamant that he wanted the same section and that I’ve told him that he needs to try different section and who knows, he might like it.

So, we walked around and see some booths that are already set up. I spotted air freshener booth and I need new air freshener. So I got one for the cup tumbler and asked my boyfriend that he needs one for his car so he got the box that you can put underneath the car seat. The woman was so nice that she actually gave us another regular air freshener and I only paid 20 bucks for 3. Then we resume walking around. In one of the booths, I won a sticker for scoring one sandbag in the hole. Oh, in case if you’re wondering about the weather, the weather was nice, cloudy and bit of cold; later during the day, it gets warm.

We finally decided to go find our seats in the section since the competition is starting. We watch the top 32 finalists competed. We decided to leave before the last round and we regretted not staying because the commotions we hear and saw on the big screen, the Ferrari 599 GTB got caught on fire. Luckily, the driver got out in time before he got engulfed by the fire. However, the drifter (Federico Sceriffo) got out safe in time before the driver’s seat engulfed by the fire. The fuel line was punctured by another vehicle which started the fire. You can see the dark smokes smoking up the air where the palm trees swinging against the winds.  Hopefully, Sceriffo can rebuild his car to drift again.

During that last round, we decided to get some food. I went and got the ghost fries which is really spicy, but at the same time, so good. My boyfriend got us carne asada tacos and it was alright. I shouldn’t get the fries because once we got back to watch the top 16, I was feeling nausea and my tummy wasn’t happy.


Next time, I’m not gonna get those fries. Once the final 8 turned to final top 4. It was Fredric Aasbo, Forrest Wang, James Deane, and Piotr Wiecek in the top 4. Then it comes down to Aasbo and Wang competing for the first place. It got everyone riled up and to the point where everyone chanting ‘One more time! One more time!” They got the OMT. I was hoping that Wang gets the first place because it’s been awhile that he actually get in the final 4. And Aasbo already has 11 wins so far. The tension got most of everyone standing from their seat and watch the last round of Aasbo and Wang drifting. It was a close call. When they finally announce the winner, they kept us teetering on our toes and Aasbo won. With another win, he now has 12 wins! Sad at the same happy for him, but Wang deserved it. We didn’t stay in for the podium where they give trophies to the winners, we decided to grab some eats.

We went to Downtown LA and meet there for Korean BBQ. Waited for at least an hour and finally got our seat. Grubs some meats in our tummy and enjoyed time chatting. I told my boyfriend that we could’ve gotten ramen instead of KBBQ, hahaha. We were so full and satisfied and thanked each other for coming. We had fun and it was such a chill. I’m glad they get to enjoy the event instead of working all day and give them a chance to relax all day from work. Boyfriend got us ice cream at AmPm gas station and we’re done for the night.

That’s it for story-time with a glimpse of Haya. Catch y’all later.


How Do I Even Relax After A Long Day?

I don’t, usually. I am constantly finding myself doing something every time I arrive home. Whether cooking for my food, cleaning the kitchen, tidy a little in the bedroom, taking a quick rinse, checking my emails or picking up some mess around the living room/dining table. I noticed that I don’t really give myself the time to rest and relax. Yet, I told everyone that I’m still working on giving myself a self-love time. Once in a blue moon, I will find myself trying to relax on my bed after a long day.

IMG_3083.jpegIf you’re like me, I don’t touch my bed until everything is done by the end of the night. I’ll make sure that I am truly satisfied with everything before I even touch the bed. Yes, there are times when I feel like I am not in the mood to do anything, I will go to my bed and just #hayaflop there until I get ready to sleep. How do I even relax after a long day? I honestly don’t know. It’s hard to find a day, ONE day to spend the whole day relaxing. The only time I can think of was whenever I go to the spa and I can like relax my mind and body at the same time. Now that I’m working most of the afternoon, I do find a few hours of myself such as getting up to get coffee and relax or blogging while I have time before work.

At one point, I think like two months ago. I found this cool app on my phone called “Shine” and every day whenever I get the chance to wake up and read articles. This app helps me stimulate my mind in a way of saying, “Okay, Haya. Today is a new day and a new opportunity for me to try something new for myself or motivate myself.” The app gives you a sense of positivity I set reminders every day at 9:35am (cause that’s the time I usually wake up to). And it also helps to think that you’re not alone struggling with something and it gives you some tips/ pieces of advice as well. Hence is why I started to go back blogging again. I suggested you check the app out if you’re interested in this cool app.

My goal for me is to really try to relax after a long day. For example, I can just come home and change my clothes and chill on my bed for a few moments with myself. Maybe shut my eyes a little before going back to reality. And really do something for me to relax after a long day. It’s hard to forget about ourselves once in awhile when you’re so focused on what is in front of you. And probably will invest my time and self-love alone when no one is home I will also try to put the effort into learning how to love myself again. It is okay if you couldn’t find time for yourself, at least someone besides you acknowledge that and remind you about ensuring that everything will be alright. So ask yourself, how do you even relax after a long day?

Catch a glimpse of Haya later.

Top 10 TV Series of All Time

I watched a lot of TV series and most of you will know some of these shows once I list them. It’s a mixture of genres for sure like drama, sci-fi, comedy, or crime. I don’t watch day shows like one day at a time or something. Not my preference. So I came up with at least 10 because I’m challenging myself to find the top 10 TV series of all time for you guys. So here we go!

  1. Dark Angel. If your favorite actress is Jessica Alba, you need to watch this. She looked so young in this tv show and she has a badass female character. She’s like a bionic female. This show started around 2000 and I was like what, in between middle school and high school. This show was on a sci-fy channel when I first watched it. Basically, this is a strongly female-lead show. What sucks about this show is that it lasts only 2 seasons. I was pretty bummed about it because it was so good and I don’t understand why it didn’t continue!  But yes, I suggested you watch this show.
  2. Parks and Recreation. With 7 seasons and Ron Swanson never changed. If you like a mixture of political with exaggerating humor, watch this show. As much as I love Leslie but Aubrey suits me. Oppose to the show “The Office,” I rather watch Parks and Rec. I will watch from the beginning to the ending if I want to watch again.
  3. Veronica Mars. Never gets old. Especially when she’s on another new show called “The Good Place”. The character suits her very well. Kristen Bell is another favorite actress of mine. Only have 3 seasons and if you like crime with comedy slash drama, this is the one for you.
  4. Bones. If you like to see some gooey blood and long-waiting investigation. Oh my gulay (oh my veggies), this 12 seasons is soo good. Each episode you cannot stop watching. You’ll binge hard. It was pretty cool seeing how the whole crew get together from the beginning to the end. You grow to love each character. So yes, watch it!
  5. Game of Thrones. You’re not the only one if you just started like a year or two. It started in 2011 and I started watching this show around two years ago… But I caught up to finish all seasons (7). I know they will make more for sure, so looking forward to watching it! It’s just so good even though there is some incest involves, blood-gory shiet going on and some crazy things that you can’t erase the image in your head because you see it happening in the show. This show is perfect for a group of friends to watch together and get ‘ooh, ah, what the fuck, did you see that?’ etc.
  6. Sherlock. BBC show with 4 seasons. It’s kinda like the Good Doctor with all that finding the clues of what’s going on with the case. (FYI, Good Doctor is one of the best tv show as well). Sherlock is funny and interesting. If you like Doctor Who, you’ll like Sherlock.
  7. Doctor Who. Don’t get me started. I was a huge fan of this show and I would record when I was young. I stopped watching when it comes to Doctor who #12 I believe. There are like 26 seasons so far. I watched a few episodes of the first season which it was hard to find. But so far, the show is addicting. I’m a huge fan of the tenth doctor. Best ever!
  8. Catfish Show. I like watching reality shows and Catfish show is one of them. It is based on finding the person you’ve been talking to either online or calling if whether he or she is a true deal or a catfish. Some episodes were a success and some are not. I hated when they cut it to commercial when you’re finally going to find out if that person is a catfish or not. But overall, I love Nev and Max. They’re awesome co-hosts for sure. It has 7 seasons so far. (I didn’t realize that it is already 7 seasons…).
  9. Scandal. Oh, my gulay. This show is good. With 7 seasons, I didn’t finish the last season but it is so good. It is bingeable and addicting for sure. It’s all part of political slash drama slash crime. I think either season 5 or 6 got a little boring but it got some actions to make sure the show goes on, haha. I can’t really describe it but all I can say that this show is good.
  10. Terrace House. This is on Netflix. I tend to watch a lot of Korean drama because I think it is a tad better than American version or Filipino teleserye. I personally like K-drama anyways. However, this Japanese reality show got me hooked. So this has 3 seasons so far, the third is this season and it’s based in Japan. It’s like The Real World from MTV where strangers live together in one big fancy house with a pool and two cars provided. The first season is a good start of what is like. I didn’t like the second season since it based in Hawaii and they didn’t add accessible captioning when they talk in  English. However, since the 3rd season is based in Japan, I’m hooked. When you have time to Netflix and chill, check this tv show!

Although, I am not satisfied with the list because I have a lot of TV shows to list, like New Girl, The Orphan Black, The Magician, Big Mouth, etc. Seriously, there are a lot of good show lately! Maybe I’ll make a separate post of what should you watch on Netflix (hopefully you shares some of my preference). Hope this will inspire you to watch at least one show out of 10 TV shows I’ve listed here. Catch a glimpse of Haya later 🙂

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

When your friend tells you that they will be coming to your place to visit and should plan something, you automatically think of food. Yup, that’s me. But then, most of you are guilty of thinking that first. Am I right? But no! We should think of something fun to do when your friends are coming to town. I can only think a few things you (we) should do. It is not staying in your apartment and #hayaflop kind of thing; especially when it is a nice day outside. Consider these five fun things you should do with your friends 🙂

  1. Visit Downtown LA. Take up the chance to go to LA. There are a lot of things you can do there! Whether if it’s food, beach, or arts. Be local and walk around the area. Google or Yelp places that are trending and that might help you see what LA have to offer. Take a short day or a long day if you have time and tell your friends to come! (Carpool rules!)
  2. Find food place you haven’t try together. Yes, as much as I’m trying to avoid saying this but it’s true! My friends and I would be scrolling on Yelp looking for places to try, and we sometimes feedback on each other with our food. img_3069.jpegThere are a lot of places you can try with your friends! As a foodie,I’m always looking for local food to support their local businesses. Of course, it may be an Instagram picture opportunity, but I’m there for the food mostly, haha. Support your local businesses and show them some love!
  3. Have a Beach Day Out. Look out in the window and see if it’s a beautiful day. If it is a beautiful day and nice weather with sun out and little breezy, then it is a perfect day for you to plan a beach day! There are Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Manhattan, Redondo, or even Huntington beach.Choose whatever is close you or if you’re feeling spontaneous, go far!  Get some vitamin D and always put sun lotion to protect your skin.
  4. Check out Instagram – Trending Photo Ops. There are a lot of murals and backdrops that you can use for your Instagram and it is fun to include your friends too! I did a much of Instagram opportunities with just myself and friends. It’s nice if you also take your friend’s picture as well. While you’re there at an awesome place, check your surroundings and try something new there! It can be a place that has vintage stores or dessert place.
  5. Museum Goers. Evey month, there’s always a museum that is worth to check out. Plan with your friends to check out at least 2 different museums. Occasionally, museums change themes.So it’s not always the same every time you go. Some museums don’t change at all. Absorbs some history and arts with your friends and it’s a nice leisure walk around as well. I love going to museums (I need to go see a museum soon). Each museum, I will try to purchase something from the museum. The last time I remember, I bought Mucha book from either LACMA or Getty Museum. I like to keep a book collection of my favorite artists nowadays. I sometimes use them as a reference whenever I draw or paint. So book a day to go check some museums!

So far, these are what I can come up with if you’re struggling to plan a day with your friends and it’s nice to go out as well. If you’re on a money-budget, there are some places that you don’t even that to spend a cent! There are no excuses for not going out, unless if it is a personal reason… However, do some research and plan before you go (best to rresearch a day or two before the actual day). And if you all broke and would like to save some extra money for the week, you can stay home and do some activities. Like card games or board games, do some short exercises where you all can laugh at each other struggling to hold a position, or tv/movie bingeing :). I hope these help you guys to start stimulating your brain cells. Catch a glimpse of Haya later ^-^