Entirely Made of Flaws

“You are made entirely of flaws and that makes you beautiful. Your ‘flaws’ are simply part of you, they make you unique and they make you beautiful. don’t ever allow someone the power to make you feel weak because they might not like one of your qualities.” – Becca Martin, Thought Catalog

I know many of us do have a difficult time to really accept the flaw(s); flaws that are part of you. I can name a few things of mine that I had a hard time confronting. Normally, I would just brush it aside and sweep them under the rug as if they were specks of dust. But then again, you can’t really avoid it for a long time unless you come to accept them. Now, I am usually an optimistic person and I tell this to people that I know that it is okay to accept them. Cry it out or vent it out to make all things better. And if someone doesn’t like the way you are or how you address yourself, then it is their loss for not knowing you well enough to truly accept that.

I do know that we are entirely made of flaws and that’s the beauty part of being a human being. There is no such thing as a perfect human being, that if you’re wholly narcissistic. If it wasn’t for flaws, people would probably be boring with a boring personality. And living on earth would be the most boring place. I do admit I do not like some of my own flaws and yes, I struggled with them every single day. I don’t know if I can remember a day where I don’t think about my own flaws. It does pop up in your mind like a judgemental blob of yourself, bickering at you the things you should take or do.

One of my flaws is that I don’t stand up for myself often as I should. Especially with my age, I should be able to. However, I overanalyzed myself with things in front of me and come up with many scenarios before I can come up to do it. It does ticks me off when I know I should accept the outcomes and sometimes, I don’t want to accept it. I know I need to accept the truth and move on. I can’t go around, trying to find a better way to soften the blow or avoid from confronting the obstacles in front of me. I just need to face it and I do acknowledge that. I need to build that self-confidence back and try to be a better woman for me and myself only. Building self-confidence is a hard task for me to do. Being self-confidence is also to learn how to love me.

Learning to love myself, I am still stuck in that phase and yet, I tell people that they need some me time and self-care. I do self-care a lot but not the loving myself. I know how to take care of myself even though my life is a little messy sometimes. And loving myself is not easy. I focus on other people’s need and I help people. When it comes to myself, I motivate myself to do things then half-way there, I lost my motivation until they tell me to get on to it. This is something that is long-term for me and I do take my time. I know I am a very patient person so, I am in no rush.

I know a lot of us to like to fix certain things about ourselves. Sometimes, we just need to learn how to accept ourselves and our own flaws. Because we are entirely made of flaws, after all. There is no wrong or right thing about our flaws. Flaws are who we are. Without them, we couldn’t understand what is good and what is bad.

Another thing is that it will take some time to mend things slowly.




Back to CAMP

Wow. I forgot what it is like to disconnect with the internet, phone, traffic, and the noises for a week. It was nice to come back to Deaf camp and support one of my favorite person who just became a director for the first time. Things were rough at a time, but it is all worth it for the kids. I also like to work with deaf campers and see how I can accommodate them as well. I love waking up to see nature right in front of me. Which reminds me, that I need to make a bucket of trips that I wanted to go regarding with nature.

I joined with my best friend to camp and stayed for one week. I got to meet all the old faces and new faces. I worked with an awesome co-counselor and she thinks I am her laughing medicine every day. Sometimes, I wondered why but at the same time, I do find myself funny. Either that or I was being such a scaredy-cat about bugs that have wings everywhere during night time. There were so many moments that campers laughed at me when I shrieked or scooted away from gnats or moth as I’m trying to get them ready for bed. Yes, I know I made a fool out of myself and not showing a role model when I should be. Sometimes it is okay to show that I’m not always tough or firm about anything. It’s one of my true side of me they just got a glimpse most of the time during the week.

My co-counselor and I had a large group of girls and it was somewhat tolerable. I do feel like we could make it work if a situation weren’t in the same place. Our cabin where we stayed in is like down where the volunteers cabin at. I hiked up and down with sweat. A lot of raspy breathing hard after reaching to where we should be at. One of the reasons for coming to camp is to get back on sweat mode cause I know I lack in that area. It was a good exercise, I mean I was up running up and down trying to get us on time, and making sure that we’re safe in one unit.

Another thing about the camp itself is the food. The food is somewhat good and breakfast is like my favorite part of the day. If you know me well enough, I’m always down for some brekkie place to try. The kids that I’m with aren’t that huge fan of breakfast but I know one of them does. Relatable.

One of my favorite moments is seeing one or two campers asking to read El Deafo book. This is the reason why I bought the book, not for myself but for those campers who came for the first time. Campers that shy and don’t really know how to socialize with their peers especially during night time. The book gave them something to do and be more comfortable away from parents/home.

Another one where I looked back at the moment, I laughed at myself. One of those nights, we came back from dinner to the cabin. We were all getting ready for bed. Moths and bugs alike were attracted to the light post that was hunged up in front of our doors and some of them got into the cabin. So, some of them got into my side of the cabin (we have a cabin that comes with two doors; my partner got 6 campers on her side of the cabin while I have 5 campers on the other side of the cabin). My campers were screaming, but not like bloody screaming kinds. It’s more of like “AHH! bugs! Close the door! Eek! There’s one on my bed!” That kind of thing. As a counselor, I wouldn’t want any bugs into the cabin but like, really? I know I’m the same as they feel but like we sleep in a wilderness area.

Anyways, as we were getting ready for bed, and me trying to get most of the bugs out of the door. One of the campers were ready and she sleeps on the top bunk. I was walking past by her bunk toward the bathroom. (Deaf tendency), she jumped onto the bed and the strip light cover on the ceiling came off hanging on top of me.

I caught myself guarding my head, thinking it might fall on me. But it didn’t. It was hanging on one side, BARELY. My quick thinking was to ask the camper to bring the chair to me and I stepped up on the chair trying to fix it. Of course, the bugs were there and the campers trying to help me and trying to swat the bugs away. I asked one of them to go get my partner because I was holding the cover on one side on the other end but I couldn’t get all secured. So my partner came right away and helped me out. After fixing the cover, we finally got it secured. I looked at her and looked down, she stood on each side of the bunk beds to help me out while I’m standing on a chair. In the back of my head, I’m like “I coulda do that”. My partner looked at me like how? then looked at me with the chair, and just laughed at me hard. My campers noticed that and giggled. I’m like hey, my guts were to get the chair.

At least, those moments campers can take home with them and share with their family and they did have fun at the camp. I would come back and do the same thing over again. I just need to build a little more resistance on those gnats. At least I didn’t get mosquito bites this year!


San Diego Calling

IMG_0054San Diego is my third home. San Fransisco is my second.

It’s literally only a couple hours away from my home. I go to the beaches a lot more there compared to my hometown. I just love it.  The vibes, the community, and the diverse cultures they have there. It’s like LA but smaller.

I’ve always wanted to try different places every I go and I like to try new things as well. I am a somewhat picky eater but I try to be open-minded about it. I still can’t eat fig just yet. It may look appealing to me but the inside doesn’t appeal so well for me.

So anyways. I stayed with my friend who is currently attending at UCSD for three days. In three days, we’ve gone to the beaches. She’s a sunset chaser and would grab any opportunity to find a good place to take pictures of the incredible sun slash beach. FYI, it was cold af as well.

On Saturday, my friend picked me up and we had pho before we left my hometown. She was coming down with sniffles. I took her to one of my favorite pho places when I grew up and this is when my sister took me there with the family. Ever since it was champ still. I love their Thai drink. It is an affordable place too. We caught up a bit and we were on our way!

It was bad timing since it’s Saturday and a lot of people are going out of town during President’s Day weekend. We decided to cut the traffic by exiting in Oceanside and catch the sunset, of course. It was also perfect timing because I updated my phone and it comes with an awesome camera lens. I was amazed by how this phone takes good photos. It was cold! It was nice to get out of the car and stretch our bodies but like damn, it’s cold! We were there for a while until my friend found a lost wallet. She wanted to give the wallet back, so we went to the address on his driver’s license, I mean, what would you do if you find someone’s wallet somewhere at the beach? If you were me, I would’ve left it. If you were my friend, she felt that if I were that person, that person would want it back. I was pretty proud of her. So, she returned the wallet and we were on the way to her place. We made a plan with our former roommate/friend to meet up at a bar.

Once we got there, we got ready and we picked her up on the way. I was so excited because I have not seen her for a while and it was a good vibe as well. We caught up while we got there. We went to a bar called Craft & Commerce, We found out that it was crowded and we were in the process of finding a different bar when we realized there is a hidden bar (speakeasy) inside the bar. A bar within a bar. So cool, right? We were going to walk out of the bar to find a bar called False Idol and it was like right in front of us. We decided to wait. While we waited, we ordered drinks from Craft & Commerce and the spot was tight though.  We

IMG_0129On Sunday, it was nice, I slept in a little but still early. My friend got up early. Today was gonna be mellow. We were gonna get tacos at Tacos El Gordo.  I haven’t had it for so long, it tasted so good. Then she showed me around Coronado Island in the car. We decided to stop by at a cute coffee shop with a flower shop. We stayed a couple of hours and then. We went back to her area to get some dessert then chilled.

Ah! Now, I remember. We went to this really cool bar and it comes with reservation. I knew she was tired but it was worth it! Even the drinks and the food itself as well.

I don’t really remember the next day when she dropped me off home. But I remembered that I fell on that day when we went down the beach to explore the low tides. We also saw the double rainbow on the drive back to LA. But that’s the remaining of my San Diego Trip!

I lagged so much on this post. I know.


From LA to Bay Area (Girls Trip)

At 5:38pm,

I got off work early on Thursday evening. One of my closest friends (Aneela) came to pick me up with her friend to drop us off at the airport. I was super excited about this trip. My friends and I planned this trip for two months in advance. I KNOW. The anticipation was a struggle for me because I haven’t gone to Bay Area for two years at least from now and I missed it. This flight was the best because we have someone who is a flight attendant that knows sign language. I thought it was awesome and he knows signs, making our first flight so much easier. The best part, we got our drinks for free. We landed safely in Oakland airport and prior to going to my friend’s house


(Hoopia), we went to Targets. We get some few necessities from there. Once we got to the house, I finally get to see her mom whom I adore; just the sweetest mama that literally warms your heart and welcomes you wholly. We had dinner that night and honestly, homemade food is the BEST period. ever. 



We planned a day in Napa to do some wine-tasting. Oh yes, WINE tyme! Originally, we supposed to leave at around 8:30ish in the morning and the time weren’t realistic because we ended up leaving the house close to between 10:30am to 11am. Of course, we have to dress up very fancee and wear wedges/thick heels. We brought our sandals just in case. We stopped by at Dutch Bros Coffee to get our caffeine fix. The last time, I didn’t get the sticker and this time, I did! We stopped by at the infamous Culinary Institution of America in Napa. It was a beautiful sight. We went inside and there were these awesome staircases where it looks like the one in the Harry Potter movies; the moving staircases. High ceilings, fancy rooms, and plenty of space as well. After looking around in C.I.A., we were on the way to one of the Wineries place called Castello di Amorosa.

The view was breath-taking and H-O-T. I was wearing a cute denim romper and I felt like I was already developing a huge hole of a wet spot behind my back while I’m trying to stay cool and calm in front of everyone else. I know I wasn’t the only one. This winery takes you back in the era where there were castles and they have these really cool artworks up on the walls and the details, amazing. There were also farm animals as well, plus peacocks! We went to the tasting room where there were this cool cellars like an arch inside. and the room was a little dim for us but we made it work. We have this wonderful wine specialist that served us wines. One of the best parts about going there and having wines with good vibes, there was a pre-teen that was observing us from afar and literally handed us a cute note that made our day even better. We brought one wine home that we all like. After that, we went to another winery place, but more of looking around.


Around close to 5, we’re hungry. Hoopia recommended this burger place that she said it is better than IN-N-OUT. I thought it is good to be true. There’s no burger place that is better than IN-N-OUT.  So, it’s called Gott’s Roadside in Napa. When we got there, the place looks huge. There this big space of outdoor seating. The place doesn’t look bad but we’ll see about the food. I order a bacon cheeseburger with fries plus milkshake. My reviews about this place that the place doesn’t top IN-N-OUT. The burger is okay but it has dry buns and the fries, not so bad. However, the milkshake (Black and white), it’s better than IN-N-OUT milkshakes. It has organic ice cream & milk. At least I tried out Gott’s Roadside to see if it’s really good.


After eating, we decided to stop by at Oxbow Public Market, which is similar to the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles but smaller. We walked around a little and observed people as well. There is a brewing company called Fieldworks’s Napa Taproom inside Oxbow Public Market. When we saw the word “flight,” we’re like, ohhhhh yas. Plus a flight for a really good price They both got 5 flights to try while I got 4 flights. I tried Sky Captain of Yesteryear (Black IPA), Dankness on the Edge of Town (IPA),  Chloe (Belgian Pale Ale), and Carrying the Axe (Westcoast IPA). We played 20 questions and chilled while we finish our drinks. Afterward, we were satisfied with our day/night and went home.


We tried to leave at the usual time but this time is a little better and realistic. We planned to go to San Francisco for the whole day. We took our coffee to go cup and went to Exploratorium. It’s the museum of science, art and human perception. It was a really cool place and it’s a huge museum as well. My favorite part of the whole museum was the “Out Quiet Yourself” and this is where you have to walk on a gravel path, trying to be as quiet as possible. They also have the quiet score and I thought that was pretty cool. Another one was when you have to go in with your friend under the curtain and it has to be completely dark. Then you look at your friend’s face and press the red button to release the flash. Close your eyes when the flash comes and you’ll see the illusion of your friend’s face there even when you close your eyes longer. It’s like a ghost and I thought that was pretty cool. We stayed there for almost 3 hours at the Exploratorium.


We head out to Pier 39 where many tourists typically go. It was crowded there and we just went looking for a shirt and checking out this one lefty store. We also checked out the infamous seals where you can hear them barking. We discussed what can we eat and settled down AYCE KBBQ. Hoopia decided to take us to Lombard Street where it is known for steep, one block section with zig-zag turns. Aneela mentioned that she never went there before so that’s why we have to take her there because how could you not go there?! We didn’t walk because we’re too lazy to get out of the car, haha! But driving through the Lombard Street was fun and short. We also went to Painted Ladies but it was too crowded. Then Hoopia thought of another place to take us.

We went to a place called Lands End where close by there is a haunting ruin called the Sutro Baths. The history behind the Sutro Baths, it opened in 1890 and is intended for people to come and enjoy their day swimming. Years went by and the Sutro Baths closed in 1966 due to the expenses to maintain and burned down in June of the same year. You can see that there are some remaining crumbling walls and there a cave that you can walk through as well. We took some pictures from there and we decided to “hike” up back to the parking lots. There was a gay couple along with us trying to hike back up as well. It was funny and trying to guide them which trail or rocks to go up. I was behind Aneela, making sure she didn’t fall down or slip. I was proud of myself cause I bragged to them about how well my vans can hold up cause it has good grips. They rolled their eyes at me. We made it safe in the parking lot, sweating like pigs.

Finally, we head down to KBBQ area. We got there around close to 8pm at Kogi Gogi and we reserved for 3 people. We knew it might be a while since the place is small. Hoopia suggested to chill at a bar few down from the KBBQ and wait until we are next in the waiting list. So we went to a bar called Social Kitchen & Brewery. I was so excited to get the Fresh Hop IPA (fresh hop ale with hops from Hops-Meister farm in Clearlake: stemmy, oily, fruity). It’s so delicious. We played evil apples on our phone and an hour later, we decided to go back to KBBQ to make sure we’re still on the list. So we went and we still waited. We realized there is a huge party that takes forever. Finally, we got our table and we hustled to get our food. I’ll have to say that KBBQ in San Francisco has a better service than in Los Angeles. They changed our grill at least 4 times without us having to flag down a waiter and brings out food right away when we want to order more. It was awesome and surprising for a small place like this. Hands down, I would come back to Kogi Gogi again.

Once we all paid for our portions. We head out where we reserved our table at 11:15pm in a speakeasy bar. Hoopia has been wanting to go to this place for so long and I’ve been wanting to try speakeasy bar because I thought it was pretty cool AND it best to check off the list for going to a speakeasy bar. This bar is so exclusive that there is no sign outside of the building saying this is a speakeasy bar. You have to give a special passcode that they email you ahead of time to get into the bar. It was AMAZZZZZZE. Few tables, dim lights, a wall of whiskey, spirits, bourbon and many different kinds of alcohol bottles on the shelves. The people who work there are pretty cool and really friendly. The lighting of the place inside wasn’t deaf-friendly but we made it work for all of us. Literally, one of the rules before coming into the bar was that there are no phones allowed. We just chatted the whole night until each of us are done with our drinks. Aneela and I ordered flights. I got the whiskey flight (I’m a whiskey gal), Aneela got cane flights which are lots stronger than whiskey types. Hoopia got one drink since she’s driving all of us home safely. We didn’t leave the bar until around 12:45am since the bar closed at 1am. I honestly don’t mind to try another speakeasy bar but this bar is worth to try for first-timer. By the end of the night, we left home.


We decided to sleep in today since we have nothing important plans. Sleeping in for me was a little difficult because the light from the sun still steeped through to open my eyes. Hoopia’s mom is home for the day since she is off work. I was excited because you know, I was looking forward to her homemade food. This morning, the mom made us quiches; one with mushrooms and one without. That goat cheese with the quiche is delicious. I don’t even eat goat cheese and it is the first time that I tried it. It supposed to be healthier than feta cheese. My favorite part of the morning was when the mom excitedly asked us to go out in the backyard so she can explain how potatoes grow in the pot. She never grows potatoes before and I thought that was the coolest thing I learned that day.  She inspires me to have my own big garden and plants everything.

After the garden lesson from mom, we all got ready to go to States Coffee in Old Downtown Martinez. It’s a cute place and I love their merchandises. We all ordered coffee and play spider dominoes. Afterward, Hoopia took us to a park, I think Marina area where it’s close to the water. There were kites in the air and it was nice to observe. We sat on the bench for a while until we decided to walk a little and go near the water where there are rocks.IMG_6573 I decided to climb on a huge branch and pose for the pictures. Plus, it was so relaxing sitting there after the struggle of trying to get there. It wasn’t that bad. Then we went back home and the sweetest thing that the mom was making a birthday cake for Aneela. Aneela saw the cake and she assumed it was for the family’s friend. It was definitely a big cake for just 5 people to eat. The flavors are moist. It has blueberries and raspberries spread. Oh, I wish I can have another slice. We had the roast beef as the main dish for lunch. It was so good but definitely not as good as the last time the mom made before.

Once our stomach is full of yummies, we went to the mall. Hoopia and I haven’t bought the gift card from Sephora so we went there first. I was like a spy but a terrible one. I told Hoopia to keep Aneela distracted and away from the cashier area. I kept hovering over the cashier area, making sure that I spot Aneela’s head and that she is far away from where I am. Hoopia scared me from behind and handed her half so I can pay both for one gift. I was getting hot wearing my denim jacket but I kept it cool. The lady behind the cashier was looking at me weirdly especially when I keep ducking. HAHA.  So I finally got the gift card. I walked quickly to skin care and pretend that I’m actually looking for skincare products. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I got a mini farsali brand: unicorn essence for a really good price. I’ve been wanting to get my hand on these farsali brand ever since I started following @farahdhukai on Instagram for the past year or so. I was screaming with excitement inside that I finally get to try this amazing product. Even Aneela got one too! This product acts like as a primer for your skin before putting on makeup and it also hydrates your skin.

After Sephora shopping, we went back home in time to say goodbye to Hoopia’s sister before she leaves and we left again later to watch the movie called Searching. Oh my goodness, y’all need to watch this movie. It is so good that I didn’t even finish my french fries ’cause I was trying to figure out what is going on! So yeah, go watch it when you get the chance. You’ll thanks me later 🙂 We went back home after the movie and we decided to stay up a little. At that time, I decided to give my dirty clothes to Hoopia for laundry so I don’t have to do it at home. I snapped a picture of Aneela in her natural habitat when midnight hits; Aneela’s birthday! We were all cozy up in Hoopia’s room and just really relaxing. Peppernickel (Hoopia’s cat) came in and chill with us as well. It was nice to end Sunday that way.


It was a nice Monday morning and I dreaded to go back home because so far, I was finally relaxing and not having to worry a thing when I’m in the bay. The mom scared me out of the blue and just wanted to say goodbye before she leaves for work. WAH, so sweet. We weren’t in a rush or anything, Hoopia reserved lunch for Aneela’s birthday and so we were just packing our stuff and getting ready to leave. Of course, it was a little DST due to making sure that we didn’t forget anything. I didn’t want to leave and I want to stay longer. I really do.

We left the house and went to Walnut Creek neighborhood and there is shopping center around the area. The restaurant we went to is called Rooftop. It was a nice, cool breeze outside and you can actually see Mt. Diablo from afar. The food was amazing for me. The dessert, not so much. I ordered Hanger Steak which it has gremolata, romesco, jimmy nardelo peppers, and crispy onion frites. It was so delicious especially when it cooks in medium rare. So good. It was a nice conversation between us and then we present Aneela our gift. Aneela was shocked that we even got her a Sephora gift card and we explain how it happened. We also got her “Oh Kale Yes” birthday card and put our sentimental feels into it. We didn’t stay too long because we were stuffed from eating our lunch.We decided to walk around the shopping area. We went to the Apple store, Nespresso, NYX, and Amazon Prime store. It was a good walk and then we went back to the car just to make sure we make it on time for our flight back to Burbank.IMG_4680

All day, we found out that our flight was delayed. We were worried and decide to stop by Equator Coffee Shop near in Oakland and chill for a bit. Then we decided to stop by at Targets, I don’t know why or how we get to Targets in the first place. Oh yeah, there was a cool tunnel where you are literally driving underwater. It was so cool and so quick. We also had early dinner and it was not so bad. A quick meal before the flight. Finally, Hoopia dropped us off at the airport. We said our goodbyes in our weird languages. The flight didn’t take that long surprisingly. My boyfriend Danny, picked us up and took us home safely.I didn’t want the trip to end so fast but back to reality! Hope y’all enjoy my amazing trip blog post and keep looking forward to more aglimpseofhaya’s upcoming soon!

26 Things I’ve Learned About Life as a 26 Years Old

Sorry for the lack of writing posts for the last few Mondays. I have to put it on pause and focus on what I needed to do. So many things happened but not a whole lot. I wrote this post on the first day of August, my birthday month and I will continue writing until the day before I turn 27. Can you believe it? Time certainly went by fast. As 26 years old, I feel like I didn’t do much to help or improve myself, you know? I honestly felt that nothing has changed; nothing too major about myself except dying my hair. I mean, I got a new job that I’ve grown to love working, I moved back home to help my family, my sister is having a baby boy THIS month, and etc. On top of that, I have a lot of things in my mind lately. Not necessary in a bad way, but at least I am constantly thinking of something. I thought it would interesting to do this post because I do want to see if I actually did learn something as being a 26 years old gal. So, why not?

  1. Getting the hang of your finances. This year has been the hardest for me. I was struggling with finance. Money is always been a huge, huge factor in my life ever since I started working. I know this could relate to anyone. I know that I will continue to struggle with it, but in the end, I’ll know that I will eventually figure out to manage my finances better.
  2. Friends come and go, and that’s okay. I don’t have a lot of friends and that’s okay with me. I have friends who care and will always have my back if anything.
  3. Always be optimistic about everything. There’s nothing wrong with being positive in any bad situation. Every time I’m in a difficult situation, I’ve always kept my head up high and know that in the end, everything will be alright.
  4. Own your mistakes. it’s not the cowardness. If you own up your mistake, you “woman” up. If another person doesn’t recognize that you’re literally owning up your shiet, they’re too caught up with their own lies and in denial. Every time I made a mistake, I always apologize for my own mistakes. It literally makes myself feel better the fact that I own up my own shiet, it’s like a brick off my shoulders.
  5. Never take your family for granted. I cherished every moment with them and I’ve always made sure that I’ll be available for them as much as I can.
  6. Don’t revolve your life with social media. I stopped using Facebook (deactivated), and it was a life-changing moment for me at least. I actually look what is in front of me and be in the present of what is going on in front of me. I may be going back to Facebook eventually but I cannot predict when though.
  7. Make things happen, don’t just sit around and think about it. If there’s something that you want to do, do it! Don’t wait until someone tells you to do so. BUT, do it on your own terms. img_3924.jpg
  8. Less is more. I can honestly tell you that I feel I have a lot of things in my room. I am slowly trying to get rid of things that I don’t need. I can donate or throw it away. You’ll feel better when everything is in place. I’ll be more focused once I can get rid of things off my plate.
  9. Make your bed every day. Seriously, yes I’ve slacked off making my bed but once you do it every morning after using the bathroom or having breakfast. You can check off one task first thing in the morning and you feel accomplished.
  10. Be honest with yourself and everyone. Be kind to yourself and don’t force yourself to make someone happy. You should make yourself happy and less stressful if you tell the truth. I find that telling the truth is liberating and you should try it.
  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take it easy. Pace yourself and everything will be alright. When things aren’t looking up, I put myself down so many times yet, I try to stay positive. It’s okay, give yourself some TLC
  12. Save your money! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself in the future.
  13. Treat yourself every now and then. Get some new clothes, shoes. Maybe throw in some rings and earrings as well.
  14. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are worth it.
  15. Laughter is the best medicine. Loosen up a little bit. Don’t be serious about everything. You have a long life ahead of you.
  16. It’s okay to have carbs. You can still be healthy but sometimes, you need carbs in your life. I know I do.
  17. Learn from the past and then let it go. You have to make the mistakes yourself in order to learn from them. Once you figured out your mistake, let it go. You don’t need to focus on the past when you’re in the present. You miss all the fun and what is in front of you.
  18. Quality trumps quantity. Always 100%.
  19. Be kind to others. Say hello, thank you, you’re welcome. Be polite.
  20. It’s okay if you go to bed before 10pm. We had a long day and sleeping in early is the best feeling. THE best.
  21. Take a picture. And treasure that day you took a picture.
  22. Do not hold grudges. You’ll feel better once you let it go and you do not need that grudges at all! I’ve learned the hard way.
  23. Say no like you mean it. They will understand. I hate the thought of saying no but when you don’t want to do it or feel uncomfortable. Just say no.
  24. Skincare. Try a good skincare to take care of your skin. I’m trying new things and looking for a right product for my skin. I’m in a hunt for good skincare if y’all know a good one.
  25. Go out on a date with your partner. Sometimes, we will try new things to keep us active such as a batting cage. That was fun. I’m always looking forward to trying new things with my boyfriend. Or even better, try new food places!
  26. Create things as you go. I always find a way to keep my creativity growing. I would make time for my self-creativity to come out. I even try calligraphy and I’m struggling with it but it’s kinda pretty awesome that I am learning calligraphy.

It was hard coming up with 26 things that I’ve learned so far. Be yourself and have fun. You’re still growing and you’ll never stop learning new things. Anywoo, catch a glimpse of Haya later :).

Imperfection For Perfect

Anniversary Date: July 9, 2016

To be honest, I feel like I knew him longer than just 2 to 3 years. He’s like my best friend in a way. We annoy the hell out of each other but still give love as well. We have ups and downs. But that is a normal standard for most couples.


I have to say, I learned a lot from our relationship. There were a lot of moments where we don’t get each other clearly and get heated up, and there were a lot of moments of laughter, serious conversation, and just being corny on complimenting each other. For that, I am grateful to have him as part of my life. I’m grateful for the support system we have together and I know we have a lot of things to learn; from each other and from ourselves as well. There are times where I wouldn’t communicate and refuse to talk about it until the storm passed. I appreciated the fact that he still stands by my side when I didn’t want to talk about it at that moment


I love the fact that we keep it real; show our ugliness and our vulnerability. The fact that we have to learn how to cope and how to show support for one another. This shows me like he can put up with my problems even though it was none of his businesses.

Like I said, I feel like I knew him longer. I am looking forward to our ups and downs. Plus many other things we have in front of each other and ourselves. I admit that we’re aren’t perfect but we’re both imperfect for each other (corny, right?). Relationships aren’t easy, I can tell you that. Just remember, always communicate and give support no matter what the situation is. AND appreciate one another as well. Anywoo, catch a glimpse of Haya 🙂


How To Save Money on Food

HOW? How? Hooooooowwwwwww?

Internally fighting off all the possible fast food places popping up in my head.

It’s really simple. So simple. Yes, it is THAT simple.

You can-NOT depend on Mcdonald (a large french fries and a happy meal of 4 pieces chicken nuggets with two sweet ‘n’ sour sauce) forever. I know it’s hard and it’s hard for me too! Believe me or I wouldn’t even post this “How to save money on food.” Most of the millennial generation grew up eating mickey-d’s, burger king, Church chicken (better than Popeyes) or Chinese food because you know, it is cheap and it is freaking delicious for most of us. I ain’t gonna lie. My parents used to drive to mickey-d’s and ordered a dozen of cheeseburgers because it’s cheap and they didn’t have to cook (plus my sister kinda persuaded me to convince my parents to get us McDonald’s. I was young, okay! my sister was a bad influence at that time, using my ‘baby begging face’ to convince them). Nowadays, we’re becoming more conscious of what we eat.

Now that I am 26. I noticed myself eating more organic food such as non-preservatives, non-processed food, and more vegetables. I do still eat some fast food once in a while but most of the time, avoiding them if I want to maintain a healthy life for myself. I started cooking more at home and who doesn’t love the homemade food at home?! My roommates’ homemade food is always the bomb and better than at restaurants, cause like they put their heart and soul into making this delicious homemade shieeet.

Number 1: Limit the wants and focus on the needs.

We all have cravings, especially the wants whenever you go to the grocery store or food place. Let’s say you have 25 dollars. That’s enough to get yourself a combo at a panda express with a medium drink, maybe an extra side as well. Then again, that’s 25 dollars in one day go to waste. Be rational. You can literally use up 25 dollars for just a week.

Number 2: Get food items that can last you for a while or food plan.

What I mean like get food that you know you would eat it every day or at least every other day. Oh, psst. Leftover is totally OK. Normally, I would go to the store and start thinking okay, If I want to save money for the week or at least two weeks, I make lists. For instance, I love breakfast and I always make sure that I get the most of my morning time. I would get bagels, eggs, greek yogurt, and little bits to incorporate with other things. You see where I’m going along with this? You making a food plan for a week is awesome, which is another thing I should do every time. Visualize your food plan and don’t waste it. This is where the leftover comes in. I know some of you would be like, ew. Who will eat the leftovers? Uh, this girl over here! I don’t mind as long it looks appetizing. If it’s old or you know you’re not gonna eat it after having it once, offer to your roommates or family members BEFORE you threw it out. They’ll be grateful and you’ll be grateful as well.

Number 3: What’s for dinner?

Tired of seeing your fridge all piled up with food that is for breakfast or lunch or even leftovers? Don’t even try to stock up in the fridge. I’ve seen it and annoyed the heck of me and I know I’m not the only one. My suggestion is to get ingredients that you know you will use it on the same night to make your dinner. So that way, you don’t have to stuff it in back in the fridge until tomorrow or even a couple of days. Use it up in one day so that you’re not wasting the ingredients.

Number 4: Pitching in!

Another way to save money on food is pitching in with your roommates, friends or family members in buying ingredients. If y’all gonna get coffee creamer or milk, pitch in with someone who also drinks coffee! If y’all doing taco night, pitch in with whoever will be eating tacos with you. Even with drinks! Pitching in is the best way to save your money. The last time I pitched in for taco night, I only have to pay less than 10 dollars. That’s all included with meats and sides (insert the gasp face emoji). I know, right?! So incredible to save that much! This is why I like pitching in.

Number 5: Don’t be afraid to splurge a little.

There are days where you want to buy food you wanted but you know you come into the store with a sole purpose. If there is an item that you want to try to see if it is good, GO FOR IT. Nothing’s wrong with trying different things. I know I do. It is okay to go a little over your budget but control yourself. You don’t want to end up with a negative in your bank account. I know this blog post was supposed to be on how to save money on food, so try to stay on track on what you’re planning to do with food shopping and staying on your budget.

Well, well, well

I hope these numbers of list helps you and the next time you go to a grocery store, you have that clear mindset on how you will save money 🙂 Any questions or comments, I’ll be more to oblige to help you out! Catch a glimpse of Haya later.